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Friday, February 25, 2011

1st photo

5 minutes later  2nd photo getting ready to turn the corner

3rd photo and it is out of the hall and into the guest room

We have had some crazy weather lately, and with it cloudy skies and moments of sunshine .  It was finally a sunny day, and as  I was walking through the hall the other  I noticed the light reflecting through the wooden rail of the stairs and onto the wall.  I have lived in this house for 8 years and have never seen this before.  It was really interesting to watch as it moved across the wall and then turned the corner to reflect the image into the guest room in less than 10 minutes.  I guess when you are indoors a lot, you take your pleasure where you can get it, and I loved this little moment in time.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night was the Ostler turn to host gourmet dinner club.  We were in the middle of painting the inside of the house and taking care of our sick, pregnant Amy and Emerson so we elected to go to the UVU culinary arts restaurant called "Greg's" instead.  The cuisine theme was the "Southern United States".  I was a little nervous because they didn't post the menu and when we got there I had a right to be.  The appetizers were great, the salads fun, and soups and rolls delicious but the main entrees to choose from were:  Alligator, Frog Legs, Catfish, Pulled Pork, or Jambalaya.
Now I did not want a full course of any of them except pulled pork, so that's what I got.  My friend Susan shocked me (first for even coming because she is a health nut), and second for ordering the frog legs.  Guess what?.....She liked them. 

Paul and Susan

These were the frog legs.  The red in the top of the plate were dried beets and Wayne tasted them and said they were really good. Do they taste like chicken? Not really.  More like pork to me but with a very tiny bit of fish taste.

 Paul had the Jambalaya.  It was spicy and contained everything but the kitchen sink.  He said it was really good.  I had a taste and it was, but a little too spicy for me.

This was the brave couple for the night.  Doug had the frog legs and Julie had the alligator.  They liked them so I had a taste of both.  Really, they were both pretty good.  I just couldn't get my mind around wanting a whole dinner of either one. The idea stills creeps me out a little.

This is the alligator dish.

Lori had the pulled pork and Scott had the catfish. Safer and good.

This is the catfish dish.  Isn't it pretty?  Half the fun of eating here is the beautiful presentation.  Click to enlarge this one.

This is Rick and Laura.  I took 5 pictures of them and Laura would not give me a good shot so this is the one I'm using and I think it's cute.  Her eyes are closed but how fun she is, so this one fit her personality.  I think Rick had the catfish and Laura had the pork.

This was one of the desserts of the night.  Fresh made vanilla bean ice cream and pecan pie.  I think there was bourbon flavoring and chocolate in it too.  It was delicious.

I forgot to take a photo of the pork but it included greens and good old mashed potatoes.
Wayne had the catfish.

Several of us had the begniets with fruit and whipped cream.  They were really worth waiting for.

Scott had the cinnamon bread pudding with the vanilla bean ice cream.
By the time we got to the dessert we were all pretty full.  Some take out boxes were part of our fun night.
Some of the other things we all tried were shrimp with grits, quail, watermelon/watercress salad with citrus dressing, sweet potato/ham salad, and some kind of little fried fish appetizer.
We also had artichoke spread on a baguette, ham and bean soup, and creole onion soup. I had major indigestion last night.  We didn't finish until 9.  My old system usually doesn't eat past 8.  Would I do it again?  Yes!  I'd like to try Italian night or French night or Mexican night or.........

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red roses signify love.  Wayne gives them to me every Valentine's Day.
I accept them at face value...he loves me.

Red cherry pie and a red Valentine represent love.  I accept them at face value....he loves me.  I wait every year for Costco to get in their cherry pie for President's Day.  You can't get cherry pie in very many places any longer unless you just buy a frozen pie.  This one tastes like homemade.  For one week a year I will forgo the usual breakfast items and have pie for breakfast (and maybe lunch).  It's OK, I will take a vitamin.

Wayne and I have been together for 44 years.  We haven't been married that long, but I met him 44 years ago.  I have friends younger than that.  We really did just click when we met and he waited for me to (almost) grow up before we said "I DO".  I couldn't have met a kinder, more generous man or a better father and grandpa.  Lucky me.  I heart you Wayne!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

There are so many people in this world that I love. My hubby is my soul mate and my best friend, my children and their spouses are the absolute best, my grandchildren are right there in the middle of my heart, my parents, brothers and sister and their families, friends, ward family, neighborhood, old friends and school mates, my home townies, cousins, aunts and uncles, and mentors.  Am I blessed or what?  I know it sounds corny and rather like a sappy card but it's true.  Happy Valentines to all of you.  I truly love you and my life is better because of know who you are, and if you don't I'm tellin' you now!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Word of the Day

I get the word of the day online and I have been getting it for a few years now.  Many of the words are archaic, some are just words I have never heard of and some are dumb words that you would never use in place of a better one, but here is one word I like.  It just sounds good coming out of your mouth. I would have pronounced it Day-dul had they not shown the way to pronounce it.  Our language is so crazy sometimes. 

daedal \DEE-duhl\, adjective:

1. Complex or ingenious in form or function; intricate.
2. Skillful; artistic; ingenious.
3. Rich; adorned with many things.

Most Web-site designers realize that large image maps and daedal layouts are to be avoided.

I need to use it a few times to incorporate into my psyche.

The book I just read had daedal chapters that kept me interested. 
When I was soldering my cow tags, the daedal schematic was sitting right next to me.
The daedal freeway system is a challenge to maneuver.

When I went to spellcheck, daedal was flagged as being spelled wrong.  I guess we will call this word archaic, one I have never heard of and maybe a little dumb. The computer doesn't know this word and in a month, I probably won't either. Sigh!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

All Aboard

It's not even Christmas, but yesterday the Polar Express rolled through my home led by E the conductor.  You will have to click to enlarge and see who was riding the train.  God bless them every one.

Friday, February 04, 2011

The Poser

My little doe-eyed granddaughter Millie is a poser. Her Mama used to be a scrapbooker and when the camera came out, she knew her duty and struck her pose with a big smile. It continues to this day and I get the biggest kick out of it. You will notice that the head is either tilted to one side or the other, rarely ever straight. It becomes her though, and she is always ready when I have my camera out and need a new photo of her. Isn't she the cutest thing?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Rodent

The groundhog is just a rodent that is related to the squirrel.  Cute as he is, why do we celebrate him today?  And, why does he always see his shadow?  Keep that little monster in his cage or just ignore him so we won't know that we have 6 weeks left to shiver and cuss about the weather.  What does a silly rodent know anyway?  If you want to have some fun with the kids today, look here.

About Groundhog Day - Groundhog Day

and here

Groundhog Day for Kids & Teachers - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, F