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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hooker Chic

Mothers have you been to the mall lately? I don't go very often but the last time I did I was pretty horrified at what I saw. There is a new trend called "Hooker Chic" and the clothes are really reflective of that. They are displayed in the windows and on mannequins in many of the teen stores as well as some of the finer department stores. I just don't get it. I remember seeing some girls in the red light districts in Las Vegas (and Salt Lake for that matter), and you could always tell which ones were the bad girls of the night by their clothing. Not any more.
Here are some examples of what you or your daughters can buy and strut around in now.

Granted, Lady Ga Ga is on stage, but it's still shows the limits of where we are going, and what we are accepting of, even in costuming.

These are called Hooker boots on some sites and the over the top cleavage of Victoria Beckam is really nasty looking.

Here is an outfit that is more subtle, but if you look, it is very short, the top is very tight and low and with heels it looks just like the hookers of old. Would you let your daughter wear this?

Just trashy looking

This is from the Guess line of clothing. Remember the jeans you used to wear in the 80's?
A little different look these days. It almost makes we wax nostalgic for Brittney Spears and her belly button showing tops.