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Friday, January 21, 2011

Creme Brulee


If you see this guy around, tell him that you heard he is an amazing cook.

If I have to have one, I like to prolong my birthdays as long as possible.  Saturday Wayne took me shopping for a new purse and shoes, Sunday we had my family birthday party,  Monday I had lunch with my favorite ladies and a crab dinner, Tuesday I got cards from my Mom and brother, Wednesday...uh nothing, Thursday my friend Rick brought me creme brulee.  Now this is no ordinary creme brulee.  This is the best creme brulee I have ever tasted.  It is as smooth as butter and  so flavorful.  It has just a hint of orange and the top isn't too's just right.  This has become a tradition for us.  I'm not sure I remember exactly how it started but he has been bringing it to me for several years now.  Several other ladies have asked how I rate.  Even  my good friend Laura, (his wife)  says she doesn't get it on her birthday.  I don't know how I rate either ladies, but I don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  It is my favorite dessert in the world and I only get it about twice a year.  If it sounds like I'm brown nosing so that he will do it again next year, well you are right.  Whatever works.  Thanks a bunch Rick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are my birthday hero.  You should wear a cape.