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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red roses signify love.  Wayne gives them to me every Valentine's Day.
I accept them at face value...he loves me.

Red cherry pie and a red Valentine represent love.  I accept them at face value....he loves me.  I wait every year for Costco to get in their cherry pie for President's Day.  You can't get cherry pie in very many places any longer unless you just buy a frozen pie.  This one tastes like homemade.  For one week a year I will forgo the usual breakfast items and have pie for breakfast (and maybe lunch).  It's OK, I will take a vitamin.

Wayne and I have been together for 44 years.  We haven't been married that long, but I met him 44 years ago.  I have friends younger than that.  We really did just click when we met and he waited for me to (almost) grow up before we said "I DO".  I couldn't have met a kinder, more generous man or a better father and grandpa.  Lucky me.  I heart you Wayne!!