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Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorites #5


I had used Windex and also copycat store brands with the color and smell of Windex for years. I have tried making my own window cleaner, used newspapers etc. and they are work pretty well, but about 13 years ago I found Sprayway Window cleaner at Costco and that is my go to cleaner now.  When it first came out I was intrigued by it's 50's style label. (A graphic of a lady wearing a dress and apron.)  Some of the cans still have that label,  but at Costco now, they changed it to this version. The product is the same and has been for 60 years. It has a clean, good smell, it comes out like a frothy, thinned down version of shaving cream so doesn't drip and cleans very well with few if any streaks. It does not contain ammonia so you can use it on porcelain, chrome and mirrors.   A can goes a long way and you can get a 3 pack at Costo but Target and other stores carry it too. It varies so much in price from place to place.  Target's is about $2.40 a can.  Some places charge almost $5.  Go figure.  It makes washing windows a little less painful.