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Thursday, August 25, 2011


We went to Wyoming last week for our vacation.  Wayne grew up in Lovell, Wyoming before cell phone towers so we didn't even know this one was there.  To make it even more interesting, turkey vultures now call this tower home.  Apparently they have been here for 20 years and we did not know it.  This photo is taken from a very low spot so it's hard to get the scope of how big they are.  They fly away for the winter and come back each spring.  Lovell has enough road kill, dead cows, deer and elk to keep them well fed. It's kind of creepy and kind of wonderful to see them. Notice the guy on the left of the tower as he takes off flying.  Enlarge the photo to really see it well.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Many things to me are absolutely wonderful.....people, music, movies, food etc.  Few things are perfect and I don't expect them to be. But last night I found perfection.  We picked fresh green beans from the garden.  They were young stringless Bluelake pole beans.

I like most veggies  raw, but not my green beans. I don't like them once they have been frozen either.  I have tried that time and time again and they just don't resemble a fresh green bean in any way.  I do like them canned, but for true perfection this is what you do.  You put them in a pressure cooker while they are still fresh.  Bring your cooker up to pressure, and cook exactly 3 minutes.  Top them with a little real butter, salt,  pepper and a tiny bit of Alpine seasoning. I had to close my eyes as I ate them to get the full effect.  I could eat a bushel at one sitting.  You need to get a pressure me, you do.  Thank you God for a lovely garden.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Second Time

This is the second time it's happened.  I have an aspen tree next to the deck and in front of my living room window.  I really don't see how the reflection of the sky or bird can be on the window because it is shady behind the tree,  but I was  in the other room and heard a BAM , something had hit the window.  I thought maybe a kid had thrown a ball.  I didn't see anything at first but looked around and this little guy was sitting on the deck.  He was too stunned to move but just stared at me for  long time.  I just went away and thought he needed time to recover.  He did and flew away.  A few minutes later....BAM again.  Was he trying to commit suicide?  He finally did recover and flew off again.  It happened last year too but with a large robin.  This one was a baby.  Maybe it's" like father, like son".  Are they both just stupid?  Or do I need to fear for my life because they are trying to attack me?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

On August 8th, 1969.......

I feel sorry for anyone who does not have a man in their life that is as wonderful as mine.  He is funny, playful and the most generous man I know. He is crazy about his kids, his grandkids and me.  He is also a hottie and  that is why I have stuck with him for 42 years.  Yes, we were married when I was 15.   wink!  I love you Wayner.  Happy Anniversary and may we have many, many more.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My favorite actor

I don't follow actors very often and find most of them to be less than desirable in so many ways, but Hugh Jackman has been one of my favorites for quite a while, actually from clear back when he was on the first  X-Men movie as Wolverine.  There is just "something" about him.  When he is on interviews he is funny, he is sweet and talks about his wife and kids a lot.  He can sing like a dream, he dances, acts and can do it all like the original song and dance men from the 30's, 40's and 50's.  Having said all that, I have yet to see many of his movies.  I have not seen Kate and Leopold, Australia, Prestige or any of his other films.  As a matter of fact, the X-Men is the only one I have seen. I have seen him perform on talk shows and award shows though and he is fantastic.  So why do I like him so much?  I just don't know why. Hmmmm