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Monday, September 19, 2011


Signs of Fall have started around here.

1.  The corn is done and the husks are drying in the garden, waiting for Wayne to put them on the front porch as part of the Halloween decorations.
2.  Spiders are climbing on the windows and flies come in every chance they get.  They know there time is almost done.
3.  All the stores have their Halloween decorations up.
4.  The bazaars have begun.
5.  Wayne picked all the apples because we saw the robins fly into the tree and start their gorging.
6.  We leave the windows open at night and it gets pretty cool before morning.
7.  Our  Grandson Nick has football practices and games all week long.
8.  Our chorus group is practicing Christmas songs.
9.  I'm bringing hoodies with me on my outings.
10.  My neighbor's maple tree is turning red.
11.  Roast turkey and stuffing are starting to sound really good.
12,  General Conference is just 2 weeks away.
13.  I'm actually getting a little tired of pulling weeds, deadheading flowers and picking beans.
14.  I have already bought a few stocking stuffers.
15.  My hummingbirds are thinking of leaving.  Yes, I asked them.