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Monday, November 08, 2010


I love Christmas and have about every decoration a person can get.  I have lots of Santa figurines, nativities, bells, ornaments, reindeer, etc. but as I was thumbing through the   paper this weekend, I found this ad from K-Mart.  What???  Really???

I can't in any way associate a pig in a Santa suit or a lighted hippo to Christmas. I have heard of Christmas geese.  I was in the play the "Christmas Goose" when I was little, and I have heard of Christmas mice and spiders coming out at night to see the Christ Child but please tell me what a pig and hippo have to do with Christmas ???  I won't be adding these to my decorations any time soon.

Maybe I am not enough of a redneck. I think I can see these sitting beside a Jeff Foxworthy mobile home.