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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthdays Galore!

May is a month full of anniversaries and birthdays in our family.   It goes like this:
May 1:  May Day (I usually try to get flowers on this day)
May 4:  Daughter Colett'
May 5:  Brother Greg
May 6:  Daughter and SIL Matt and Colett's anniversary
May 9: Daughter Amy
May 10:  Sister-in-law Debi
May 14:  Good friend Colleen
May 18: Niece Kymbre'
May 20:  Hubby Wayne
May 21:  Niece Jem and Son-in-law Wes
May 23:  Nephew Matt
May 25: Grandson Alex
May 30:  Memorial Day

Then throw in a few weddings, graduations and  Cinco de Mayo and what a fun (and expensive) month it is.

Saturday we hope to party hardy with the men of the hour Wayne and Wes.  It's tradition now with Wayne's BBQ ribs, and Jello cheesecake (his favorite dessert).  This year Shon and all his family are here for the week so it will be even more special.  Happy, happy birthday to two loving, sweet and generous guys.

Wayner (yes, we call him that)