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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alex today

Alex a few weeks ago

My grandson Alex and his family have been staying with us while he is recovering from surgery. He has been a very, very sick young man. He developed chronic ulcerative colitis a couple of years ago and steadily declined in health until they flew him from the hospital in Montana to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City a month ago. They removed his colon after trying every medicine and procedure possible, but they just didn't work. After many blood transfusions, and different doctors weighing in on his prognosis, they removed a very diseased colon. He will have another surgery in October to form a new one.

I am just amazed at how he is healing in just a few short weeks, but the really amazing thing is the care, the prayers, the fasting, and donations that have been given in his behalf. I am also amazed at the willingness of some who don't even know him to give of themselves to help out the family. I love my neighbors and friends, their neighbors and friends, the Boy Scouts, the church members, the community and all others who have given in every way possible. You are WONDERFUL.

Their home town is giving a benefit tonight to help raise money for his continued treatment and traveling expenses. We have heard from many who have given items for an auction. The Shrine Auditorium donated their building, the food was donated, the DJ donated his time, the paper products were donated, and the list goes on and on. We are humbled, grateful, and blown away by such generosity. He is a special young man that God wants on this earth a while longer and we are so glad. Alex is optimistic and understands his ordeal but has not gotten bitter. He has such a special spirit. Here is an article that was in the Montana paper this morning.