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Monday, October 03, 2011


I have a friend Marsha that lives in Florida.  We were close in high school and did lots of things together along with our other friend Cindi.  You could find us in Cindi's Mustang or Marsha's VW bug almost every night.  Our lives revolved around boys, dragging main and food from the Rose Bowl drive in.  We went to dances every week-end and they are good memories.  Marsha has a daughter that moved to Utah and so had a good excuse to come.  We had not seen each other for probably 30 years or more but she made her way to my house last week and we went to lunch.  We just starting talking and caught up where we left off.  She is a really good person and I'm so glad we got together.  If the daughter stays here, it may happen more often now.  Love you Marsha.  I haven't seen Cindi in many years either and we need to remedy that.  Our other good friends go to our little town celebration once in a while and I get to see them which always makes me happy.  Friends, new or old, are a treasure.