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Friday, August 03, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

We just returned from a whirlwind trip (aren't they all?) from Utah to Idaho to Wyoming to Montana and back.  Amy and family and Colett and family all timed their trips to coincide with ours.  We started out going around Bear Lake and on to the Tetons to spend the night.  We stopped off to see the Bar J Wranglers in concert and to eat the chuck wagon dinner.  Even if you don't like Western music, you would love these guys.  They are so funny, extremely talented and in perfect harmony.  Think of the Sons of the Pioneers and you  know how they sound, only even better.

My traveling companions

In front of Bear Lake

Isabelle and  Emerson traveled with us in our car.  They were so fun to listen to and Isabelle was the best big cousin in the world as she entertained E for many hours. Amy did the cutest thing.  She had made goodie bags with their names on them and the name of a town that we would be going through.  As we entered each town they got their bags.  It made it fun for them to anticipate the next stop.  They were full of fruit roll ups, pudding, granola bars, gum, and a toy or two.

We then continued on through Yellowstone Park.  We did see lots and lots and lots of buffalo.  There was a time when I was amazed to even see one but now there are herds of at least several hundred at one time.  We saw the biggest bald eagle I have ever seen sitting on an island in Yellowstone Lake, but we never saw a bear or wolf this trip
except for this one that attacked the kids in the Teton Museum.



The boys take a break.....Wes, Emerson and Wayne

Baby Era doesn't even know what's going on but Amy's trip is a littler harder than usual with a new baby

Isabelle getting kicked by a moose sculpture

Clowning with the grand kids

We stopped at a lodge for a rest. The ground hogs were so tame you could sit right next to them. Isabelle had fun snapping lots of photos of them.

The Dragon's Mouth geyser blew out steam and actually had the creepy sounds of a dragon.....aptly named.  Emerson did not like the smell either.  The dragon had bad breath.

                                          Era just went along for the ride