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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alex today

Alex a few weeks ago

My grandson Alex and his family have been staying with us while he is recovering from surgery. He has been a very, very sick young man. He developed chronic ulcerative colitis a couple of years ago and steadily declined in health until they flew him from the hospital in Montana to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City a month ago. They removed his colon after trying every medicine and procedure possible, but they just didn't work. After many blood transfusions, and different doctors weighing in on his prognosis, they removed a very diseased colon. He will have another surgery in October to form a new one.

I am just amazed at how he is healing in just a few short weeks, but the really amazing thing is the care, the prayers, the fasting, and donations that have been given in his behalf. I am also amazed at the willingness of some who don't even know him to give of themselves to help out the family. I love my neighbors and friends, their neighbors and friends, the Boy Scouts, the church members, the community and all others who have given in every way possible. You are WONDERFUL.

Their home town is giving a benefit tonight to help raise money for his continued treatment and traveling expenses. We have heard from many who have given items for an auction. The Shrine Auditorium donated their building, the food was donated, the DJ donated his time, the paper products were donated, and the list goes on and on. We are humbled, grateful, and blown away by such generosity. He is a special young man that God wants on this earth a while longer and we are so glad. Alex is optimistic and understands his ordeal but has not gotten bitter. He has such a special spirit. Here is an article that was in the Montana paper this morning.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Birthdays

We have special guests at out house this month and 2 of them have a birthday today. My wonderful daughter-in-law Kee turns 29 (really?) and Toby turns 10 (for real). I know they miss being in Montana and are missing my son Shon, and this isn't how they had planned spending their birthdays but we will still have a party, balloons and cake. Happy birthday to both of you. What a special birthday Kee had 10 years ago.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


We had a family of robins build a nest under our deck this year. Amy would come down and document the progress of the nest every few days. Instead of being redundant, I will let you follow her link to see my little bird family because her pictures are better than mine.

Some facts about robins:

Nesting: It takes from two to six days to make the nest, with an average of 180 trips per day to find materials. Males sometimes help gather nesting materials but the female chooses the site and builds the nest.

Brooding: The female robin incubates her eggs for about 12 to 16 days. She sits on the eggs for 40-minute periods. Then she stands up, turns the eggs and flies off to feed or for a break. The male stands guard and sometimes sits on the eggs.

Q. When do young robins learn to fly?
A. Baby robins jump from their nest when they are about 13 days old. It takes them another 10-15 days to become strong fliers and independent birds.

One day my daughter-in-law Kee pulled me outside to see one of the darlings on the deck rail. I couldn't believe they went from the little flesh colored, transparent uglies to these little gems in such a short time.

Two of the four flew to the Aspen trees and just sat for hours

Notice their speckled little bellies

One just sat on the edge of the nest for a long time, too afraid to go

One jumped around the deck rail for a while

The last one made the garden his home for several days. He just wasn't strong enough to fly up into the bushes or onto the fence.

It was fun watching the parents work so tirelessly to feed them every day and to see how protective they were if anyone came close. We were all dive bombed more than once. My dog is still half afraid to go potty 3 weeks later. It is also a little sad to know they are gone and my bird watching is through for the year. Maybe another family we decide to move in next year, although I hope it will be in a tree and not right under the deck where we walk. Bye, bye birdies.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, the girls and I went shopping in Park City to get the kiddles some summer clothes.
We hit all the stores at the outlet mall, Arby's and then visited Wes at his fire station in Park City. This is the third station that I have visited since he became a fireman. I'm not sure how many he has actually worked at, but they have all been very nice and included a work out room, clean big garages, separate sleep quarters and large kitchens.
This is the real fireman. Buff, handsome and ready to put out your house fire, save you from your own drug overdose, or rescue you from a ski lift.

Here he is with a FFA. Notice the excitement in his face as the engine lights flash.

These are the impostors. While Wes eats his dinner, the girls check out the equipment and trucks. With my bad knee, I can't even climb in. I would not be able to save you.

Here is Colett reclining in front of the engine. She may be able to show you where the hose is but don't count on her for a real rescue.

Colett dons the fireman gear and looks pretty tough, but it's all show.

Here is the next impostor. Emerson is sure he can turn on the sirens and lights and get the engine out of there, but unfortunately, he can't even reach the buttons.

He can, however, show you the way into the driver's seat.

Here is the biggest impostor of them all. Amy talking to dispatch? No she is ordering fries with that burger.

Wearing her hubby's gear she looks official, but she certainly couldn't jump into his boots and by the time she got to you your house would be in ashes.
No, we are happy as our real selves, but one dream can't one? We won't be sewing our super hero capes very soon.

Monday, June 07, 2010

I won some cookies a couple of years ago from the Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery.

Sometimes I go for years and never win a thing. Sometimes I win several things at once.
This year I signed up at Good Reads to try to win a book. I won two. One is a novel and one a history of the English Monarchy. I also signed up to win some clothes on a friend's blog and won that. Thanks Nancy!!! I got a beautiful black satin blouse and a red T-top. I ended up getting the clothes and the book on the same day....kind of like a mid year Christmas bonus. I am headed to the Idaho Lottery Office.