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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo Dump

I just have some random photos of my family that I want to post so Mom and dad can see them so here goes.  It's kind of a photo dump.
                My favorite two Colett's.  Colett Loraine and grand daughter Era Colett.

Emerson always helps me blow out my birthday candles.
Matt, my computer tech son-in-law who is at the age that he now has to have glasses.  Welcome to my world.
                        My oldest grandchild and my youngest:  Era and Alex

My son Shon and grandson Nicholas on Christmas Day.  They both looks a little tired.
Toby, Lissie and Wayne on Christmas Day.

Kee opening gift with the evil eyes
Joesef and Lissie
Wes and Era
Making sugar cookies...Emerson, Amy, Millie, Nick and Isabelle
Button eyed Era
Millie, Me and Isabelle at Grandparent's Day
The Three Ostler brothers

Amy and Era
The reason I keep him....the main cook.
Amy helps cook too
Matt and Colett
Me turning 62 and signing up for Social Security

Teaching Amy how to can tomato juice
Isabelle, Millie and Emerson
Kee and Shon in Hamilton, MT
Wayne and "The Girl" 
I love her expression
My two guys

Amy....I have always loved her dimples
but she has a little of the evil eyes too
Nick and Emerson playing computer games
A "hands on" Daddy
The real me?  A gypsy spirit.