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Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter 2011

I do hate the cold.  When I get really cold my back gets tense and starts to ache.  I start to shiver and my feet and hands get cold even if I have on socks and gloves.  I thought I had left the real cold behind when I moved to Utah.  This is the coldest and snowiest winter since we moved here 8 years ago, and the snowy ruts in the road are reminiscent of my old home in Montana.  I planted box woods which do very well in Utah except for maybe this year. I may lose them all.  When it gets down to 6 degrees, they surrender.  I was looking through my picture files though, and it reminded me how lovely November was.  These are all pictures of my yard around Thanksgiving.  Oh, the good old days. Can I make it through March or until the thermometer hovers around 50 degrees?  I am going to go sit under my down throw and contemplate just that question.