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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May is a big month for special occasions in our family: Mother's Day, and the birthdays of Colett(4th), Amy (9th), Alex (25th), Greg (5th), Debi (10th), Jem(21st), Kymbre' (18th), Matt J.(30th) and two of my favorite men, hubby Wayne (20th)and son-in-law Wes (21st). Whew, what was in the food of their mothers in August? Then... my nephew Ammon is getting married on the 22nd and Colett's and Matt's anniversary is on the 6th.

It's constant "party time" and "spend the money" time around here. We celebrated Mother's Day and Colett's and Amy's birthday on the same day, and now Wayne and Wes will have their chance together. Same party, separate cakes. What lovely men these two are. Caring, hard working, and just plain wonderful. Happy birthday to them both, You are truly loved!!!!
I better head to the store.

Fun House

We traveled though Richfield, Utah on our recent vacation and drove by this house. I just had to go back for a picture. The front of the house is covered with lava rock. The floral decoration on
top of the rock is also lava rock as are the statuettes standing in the front of the house. You will need to enlarge this to appreciate. I don't think I would ever do this to my house but I love those creative people who do. You can tell they are artistic and have a good sense of humor.