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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things I have loved this week

I am one who loves the sometimes rather hectic days during the weeks prior to Christmas.  These are the things I have loved this  past week.

1. Making goodies with the family.  We made peanut butter fudge, peppermint bark,   cake bites, sugar cookies, mint chocolate brownies and Mexican wedding cookies. 

2. My friend Susan had a luncheon for those neighbor ladies with December birthdays.  We had quiche made by her hubby Paul (to die for) fruit, green salad, monkey bread (to die for) and treats.  Best of all though, was just sitting and talking to friends for a couple of hours.  We discussed all the important things in to raise children, diseases and immunizations, Ro's childhood, shopping or lack there-of, parents going on missions, how much we love the young men who prepare and pass the sacrament at church, the evils of porn, etc. and how much we love each other.  Lovely, lovely lovely

3. Listening to all my old Christmas CD's and my new one by Michael Buble'.  I know he is singing just for me. Thank you Michael, you are wonderful.

4. Finishing wrapping the presents and knowing most of my work is done

5. Eating hot dogs at Costco with the Grand kids and just walking around looking and not touching

6. A call from my Mom

7. Wayne healing from his heart stents

8. Shon and family getting here safely even though he had to drive 40 mph much of the way from Wyoming and causing his trip to last 13 hours

9. Crafting with the daughters and daughter-in-law

10. My little grandson telling me I am his best friend and when his Mom says "WHAT?  I am your best friend."  Then he points at me and says Grandma is.

11. Snow that made the trees beautiful but the temps were warm enough to melt the snow on the streets and we have a snow blower that I learned to use

12. Neighbor kids who have befriended my grand kids and spend time with them

13. Brenden who calls me Grandma Ostler (16 year old neighbor boy)

14. Book Club dinner and Christmas party with my favorite ladies in the neighborhood

15. Getting a nice check in the mail for the last cow tags I will ever make

16. Fresh homemade bread from my friend and my visiting teacher

17. A homemade craft from my uncrafty friend Laura and another framed vintage Christmas card from Susan

18. Breakfast at church with the wise men (Bishopric) doing the cooking

19. Wayne's homemade 3 berry jam

20.  Cards and newsletters from faraway friends

21.  A wonderful Christmas program at church and singing in the choir, listening to a violin duet by my 2 neighbor boys, and a great talk by my other neighbor about the real Christmas story

22. Watching sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel