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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Word of the Day

I get the word of the day online and I have been getting it for a few years now.  Many of the words are archaic, some are just words I have never heard of and some are dumb words that you would never use in place of a better one, but here is one word I like.  It just sounds good coming out of your mouth. I would have pronounced it Day-dul had they not shown the way to pronounce it.  Our language is so crazy sometimes. 

daedal \DEE-duhl\, adjective:

1. Complex or ingenious in form or function; intricate.
2. Skillful; artistic; ingenious.
3. Rich; adorned with many things.

Most Web-site designers realize that large image maps and daedal layouts are to be avoided.

I need to use it a few times to incorporate into my psyche.

The book I just read had daedal chapters that kept me interested. 
When I was soldering my cow tags, the daedal schematic was sitting right next to me.
The daedal freeway system is a challenge to maneuver.

When I went to spellcheck, daedal was flagged as being spelled wrong.  I guess we will call this word archaic, one I have never heard of and maybe a little dumb. The computer doesn't know this word and in a month, I probably won't either. Sigh!