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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Musings Day 4 Books

I love books.  I love reading.  I love exploring unknown and unexplored places and times through reading.  I try to read all the books I own but I am still behind a few and yet I still want more.  I envy my daughter in law Kee because she reads so quickly.  She is a speed reader and can read a book in a couple of hours.  I just don't get it's done.  When I read, it's at the same speed I would read if reading out loud.

I usually give a book about 80 pages before I decide it's just too boring.  I have not read too many books where I can't plow through and find redeeming content.  I belong to a book club that I love to attend, I am on "Goodreads" so I can get good recommendations from friends,  I have lists from the library that list classics and book club favorites, I read Oprah's pick list, I borrow books from my daughters and learn what they are reading in their book clubs and I go to Amazon a lot to see the 5 star book picks on there.  I have a Kindle that serves me well and love it when I can get a new book for less than the book store price ( not always, but usually)  and I haunt thrift stores and garage sales to get others.  My problem?  I don't have enough time to read all the great books in the world.  I always feel like I'm missing out.

I read my scriptures on the church web site and I love that I can read it screen size and can click on a link  for references.  I have my study guides from Institute and that helps too.  I am grateful for all these resources.  I can also listen if i choose instead of reading them.

I also have a few book on tape and that frees me so I can craft while listening to good stories.  We all like to multitask don't we?  We had XM radio that enabled me to listen to stories while traveling and looking at beautiful scenery at the same time.

I like to read stories to my grandchildren and love it when they say they are reading certain books.  I have loved reading since I learned how.  I lived a block from the library when I was growing up and went as often as I could.  I loved the days of Nancy Drew and Mary Poppins.  I loved that I had a card that could take me anywhere I wanted to go through words.  I still have a library card.

My Dad was an avid reader ...maybe too avid at times.  It was hard to get his attention as his face was always in a book but he gave me the desire to see what all the fuss was about at a very young age.  I love that all my children and grandchildren love to read too.  I think you have a great advantage in school if you are a good reader.  I sent a link to my book club ladies, but I will add it here too.  It is a sweet story.  Make sure you go clear to the end.