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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wizard of Oz

We went to an ice cream social a couple of weeks ago that was a fund raiser for the Alpine Community theatre. Kohler's and Cabella's donated the ice cream and toppings and you could get all the ice cream you wanted for $1. It was a cheap and wholesome activity for the grand kids and included some fun entertainment. They had a really good band and the kids sang and danced for an hour before the the performers from the production "The Wizard of Oz" offered a little presentation of what the play would be like. I bought tickets thinking, "Oh well, if we can't go, it's a good donation for a good cause". I got the tickets for $8 each ( at the senior discount priceeven) which costs about same as a regular show ticket. I mean a movie ticket. See, I deserve the senior discount because I still call it the show. We ended up going and were pleasantly surprised. The singers and actors were really pretty amazing. The dialogue was almost exactly like that of the movie so the play lasted 3 hours with an intermission. It was long but it was a fun performance. The costumes and sets were well done as was the lighting and choreography. The scarecrow was unbelievably good and did just as well as in the movie.
As most of you know, "The Wizard of Oz" is my favorite movie, contains my favorite music and when I die, I want "Over the Rainbow" sung at my funeral. I am still waiting for my ruby slippers though.
I will definitely go again next year to Cinderella. Come with us.