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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

At the Beach in Carmel, CA

 Wayne and I spent the afternoon at the beach in Carmel, California last week.  It was a gorgeous day.  We just sat for a long time watching the waves. Wayne had on jeans and his beach shoes as you can see.

   I prefer no shoes at all.  I need to feel the sand between my toes. 

 Wayne did take a little tour of the beach.  Maybe he wishes he could surf here.   Hey Dude!  Nah, he doesn't even like to swim in the pool.

When I took my first step into the waves  I was shocked that it was as cold as it was.  I was not expecting warm, bath tub water, but how do you swim and surf in this frigid H2O?

 I was glad for a place to sit.  With my lame leg, I can't get up off the ground without help so this sand shelf was just the ticket.

 We both liked the sand shelf but wished we had had some nice lounge chairs to veg out on.

Pebble Beach is in the background and it's a beautiful setting.  I loved seeing the ocean but it was somehow a little disturbing to me too.  I could feel it hypnotize me, beckoning me into it's depths and I am very afraid of the ocean.  I will stick to the mountains for my nature appreciation class.

Never in a million years did I think I would find a squirrel on the beach.
There were actually several, and they must be used to people because this one just sat as I snapped his photo.

I loved walking in the wet sand, seeing my foot prints and then watching as the waves erased them again. I can tell I still have a good arches.

The Wave came in a little higher than I thought and my jeans were soaked up to my knees.

Ah, the wave has gone and is not pulling me out to sea. I don't think I will go on a cruise until I get over my fear but I can really appreciate the majesty, beauty and necessity of our oceans and seas.