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Friday, February 17, 2012

Musings Day 2 Consumer Testing

I feel like some companies should do a little more consumer testing before they launch  new products and then after they do, they should listen to the consumer's input on how we like them.

I bought some wet wipes a while back.  It came with a little holder that you stick to your bathroom wall.  Then you place the wet wipes on the holder and you can use it in conjuction with your toilet paper.  The instructions were pretty poor but I figured it out.  The holder was flimsy and stuck out too far from the wall.  I was afraid that if I pushed hard enough or bumped it, the holder would come loose and the whole thing would fall.  That might have happened, but I disliked it so much that I decided to just take it down. The little plastic holder was easy enough to get off but the tab that sticks to the wall was not.  There was no way to get it down without tearing off the paint or drywall.  Luckily, I am a scrapbooker and have a bottle of sticker remover.  I poured it all over the tab and waited for a few seconds and I was able to gently and slowly pull it off.  I am one of those people who write companies when I really like or dislike their products.  They usually respond by sending me something or saying (basically) tough luck.  However, I like my preferences known so they adapt their products to their consumer's needs.

 I bought a bottle of hair spray once, and because of the design of the bottle you couldn't reach the spray nozzle while holding the bottle unless you held it right at the top.....very poor design.

 Another jar had face cream that I really liked but the lid would not screw on right ever, so it dried up way too quickly.  I wrote and told them.

  I had a paper cutter that would not cut straight.  I wrote them and they sent me a new one.

 I had a hair conditioner that I fell in love with and wrote and told the company.  They sent me a free bottle.

 I have a dishwasher that is probably the cheapest model  you can buy but it cleans really well.  The pull out drawers in it are horrible.  Most of the prongs on it have rusted and fallen off.  I wrote to the company to ask them where to get new ones and they wrote me back that my refrigerator was out of warranty so tough luck.  Refrigerator???  I wrote again and got another answer that didn't make sense either.  I never did get a satisfactory response.  Whirlpool, you need to check out your service people.

I write my legislators when I like or dislike what they are doing.

I send letters to those I love and try to keep in touch with relatives.

Isn't this s great country when you can have the freedom to let your voice be heard? (With the exception of Whirlpool who apparently just doesn't want to hear at all)