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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hooker Chic

Mothers have you been to the mall lately? I don't go very often but the last time I did I was pretty horrified at what I saw. There is a new trend called "Hooker Chic" and the clothes are really reflective of that. They are displayed in the windows and on mannequins in many of the teen stores as well as some of the finer department stores. I just don't get it. I remember seeing some girls in the red light districts in Las Vegas (and Salt Lake for that matter), and you could always tell which ones were the bad girls of the night by their clothing. Not any more.
Here are some examples of what you or your daughters can buy and strut around in now.

Granted, Lady Ga Ga is on stage, but it's still shows the limits of where we are going, and what we are accepting of, even in costuming.

These are called Hooker boots on some sites and the over the top cleavage of Victoria Beckam is really nasty looking.

Here is an outfit that is more subtle, but if you look, it is very short, the top is very tight and low and with heels it looks just like the hookers of old. Would you let your daughter wear this?

Just trashy looking

This is from the Guess line of clothing. Remember the jeans you used to wear in the 80's?
A little different look these days. It almost makes we wax nostalgic for Brittney Spears and her belly button showing tops.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My grand daughter turned 6 this week. Her name is Amelia but we call her Millie, or Silly Millie, or Millie Moo. What little girl wouldn't like the party her Mom threw for her this year? She got flowers, food, crafts, dancing, gifts and spankings and a pinches to grow on.

Millie in a new sundress

Some of the guests arrived early because it was too exciting to wait. They all wore their best dresses and sat at the table covered with a lace tablecloth. FANCY! Grandpa Wayne checks to make sure everything is A-OK. Or maybe he stole a little candy bar.

They were served heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches. Why? Because it was an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party, that's why. The queen of hearts might have had something to do with this.

Each girl had her own tea cup set and got to take it home. We found them at D.I. for 50 cents each. Nobody drinks tea in teacups any more so it was a little hard to find them. You can find LOTS of mugs but not that many real teacups. Maybe they will become vintage treasures one day.

Colett collects (say that ten times really fast) silver tea pots so they fit right in with the decor and held the lemonade. They also go to munch on grapes, strawberries, and fun licorice and of course chocolate.

This is Colett, the hostess with the mostest.

Daddy Matt is always available to help.

Isabelle and her friends serves as the waitresses. Every time a little girl needed something, they just raised their hand and these girls were at their beck and call.

The Head Waitress

The girls got to decorate their mad hats. Colett had already put ribbon and flowers on them
and they just had to finish decorating with glitters, foam stick-ons etc.

The whole back yard was decorated and the weather cooperated fully.

Balloon flowers at the exit say, come again in a couple of years and see what
kind of party there will be. Millie was a lucky lady this year.

Friday, April 16, 2010

We got this ad in the mail from Carl's Jr. and I couldn't believe it. I had to read it twice to make sure it said what it did. This burrito has sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, eggs, hash browns and GRAVY all wrapped up in one giant tortilla. I looked it up on there site. The grand total of calories is 750 calories. The calories from fat is 410 and it has 1510 mg. of sodium, and 495 mg. of cholesterol. I heard on the tube the other day that a lot of restaurants are not being quite honest with us about the totals because they don't want us to really know just how bad some things are. I really don't see how this could be under 1000 calories. Now I love all of these foods individually, (except sausage). I am not the kind of girl who really likes my food mixed together or sometimes even touching each other, but mixing all of these together and then covering it with sausage gravy kinda makes me want to barf. Will you eat one?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Amy used to work at the Sundance outlet and at the Sundance headquarters. Every year there is a sale for family and friends and we get to go with her. You have to stand in line much like you do at Disneyland and the minute the doors open, everyone runs to their favorite spot and starts shopping. There is a method to the best shopping technique which I haven't mastered yet but which many of the seasoned pros have. There are no carts so you need to take your own shopping bags or scoot a basket on the floor from place to place. We had small shopping bags which was OK but not the best for grabbing and bagging. The thing to do is just grab what you think you might like, then go to a corner and try it on to see if it fits. Within an hour everything is pretty much gone. I wanted shoes so I ran to the shelves and grabbed what looked about my size. I nabbed 4 pair, one of which was a little small so Colett took them. They are all leather.

I also grabbed jewelry which was really hard to get since everyone was pawing over them and you couldn't even move to the next bin or you would lose your place in line. I didn't even take the items out of their bags, just looked at them after I had bought them and loved them all.

The best part is this....I have 3 new pair of leather shoes, a leather belt, new wool mittens, 3 bracelets, and 3 really nice necklaces, 2 sets of bubble lights , a large lighted Santa head and a wool hand hooked Christmas pillow which set me back.....drum roll please.....$62.00.
We plan our whole day around this sale then shop the day away and eat out for a mother/daughter bonding experience, and it works. Can't wait until next year and I will be better prepared.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amelia (Millie) turned 6 years old Saturday. She is a dancer, a mother to about a hundred dolls and stuffed animals and loves her friends and cousins.
I always tell her she is "MY" girl. Colett always says no, that she is "HER" girl. We have been doing this for years. Millie came up with a solution last week and I think she is pretty smart. She says that when they are at my house, she will be my girl and when she is at home, she is Colett's. That way we won't fight over her. Isn't she diplomatic? And it works.
Happy Birthday you little cutie patootie!!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Egg

The daughters and I went shopping at an expensive boutique last month. They were selling an egg like this for around $30.00. I am a big time crafter and could not bring myself to pay that price, so the next week we went to the craft store to get supplies to make our own. I got this big egg (about 10"tall) at Michael's. It was plastic and bright pink so I painted it silver, and although you can't see it in the picture, I also spray glittered it too because as we all know, everything is better with a little bling on it. I stenciled the polka dots on top of that and then made the tag using cardboard and music paper and glittering the edge and adding vintage sequins and rhinestones. I tied 3 different ribbons around it and made the bow. My price to make it was about $6 since I had a lot of stuff on hand.
Happy Easter everyone.