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Friday, August 27, 2010

Pioneer Day 2010

Pioneer Day 2010 in Cowley, Wyoming

Big Horn Academy/Cowley High School

New High School in Cowley

2010 Pioneer Day in my little home town this year was a big deal. There was an all school reunion, my class reunion and Wayne's family reunion the same week. A new high school was built in Cowley as a consolidated school for Cowley and the small surrounding communities. We attended an open house for it and, oh my, what a change there has been since I went to high school. There were computer labs, science labs, industrial labs, theatre, etc. etc. etc. My high school was built as an academy by the founders of the town back in 1916. It was fabulous for it's time, but it has been remodeled for the administration building. This is the first new high school built since then.

Cindy, Dave, Joan, Chris and John

We had a total of 14 in my graduating class. One has passed leaving 13 of the smartest, best looking and fun people still known to man, but we were laughing at the reunion that we were not the most athletic class, we were the cerebral group. We were pretty competitive for honors and since the class was so small we all had to do our part in everything including band, choir, government, art, sports, journalism, clubs and every other activity. Since there were not many of us, we really had to excel in every venue. You couldn't just sit back and let someone else do it so we learned how to work and to how to lead and it helped us in our lives later on.

We have 2 doctors in the group, Dave who is the head of the U of Wyoming psychology Dept. and John, who is an oral surgeon in Montana. Kent, who passed away, was a graduate of Nuclear Power School and was also the director of facilities at the Hanson Planetarium in Utah. Cindy M.(far left) works for a University in Montana, Cindy P. and I both ended up working with our husbands in opening and operating our own businesses. Keith is an entrepreneur and built a car wash and storage facility, Brad is a funeral director, Dave S. is very knowledgeable in the antique business and has his own store. Besides his regular job, Chris restores old cars and has done several from top to bottom. I 'm hoping to hear from the others that weren't able to make it to the reunion.

We were together from babyhood to graduation. I consider them all dear friends and it was fun to get together again.
Of course the reunions weren't the only activities going on this week-end. There was a parade, pioneer program, talent show, games, rodeo, lunch and dinner in the park and an ice cream social. This little town knows how to do it right.

Amy and Emerson watch the parade

Wes taking a break in the shade

Susan, one of my best friends from High School.

Niece Jamie

Brother Greg and wife Lynn

Amy and my Dad
The little home town grows from 600 to several thousand on this weekend. All hearts turn to, and come home on Pioneer Day.