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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

May Days, May Days

I have mentioned before that May is a huge month for us.  We celebrate all month.  Colett's birthday is on the 4th, Amy's on the 9th and Mother's day is always on or very close to Amy's birthday.
This month they were all just a few days apart so we celebrated all three on May 8th, Mother's Day.

Amy was not feeling well that day and didn't want pictures taken , but you have to seize the moment so memories won't be lost. Besides, she never looks bad.

Colett turned 40.  I don't know how that happened since I am still so very young and so is she.

Wayne got me flowers and this nifty lounge chair so that I can sit outside and look over my queendom.
I took several pictures and couldn't figure out why the stripes kept glowing in the photos.  I finally....duh... got it.  They are reflective.  I'm not sure why.  I don't plan to sit in the middle of the road, but at any rate, I love it and have used it several times.  As soon as the weather shapes up, I will use it more.

Amy made this cute 'Holder" for Colett.  It has pockets so you can put it under your cushion or mattress to hold your "whatevers"....Craft Supplies? Remote Controls? Secret Snacks?

Amy got me a cute painted box that contained a lavender plant, hand tool, gloves, and plant markers painted with chalkboard paint so that I can label my plants.

No, this is not a dress that I m wearing.  It's a cute apron that Amy made me for Christmas. Colett gave me this hanging plaque with a mason jar attached that I can use as a candle holder, or flower vase.  I am using it as a vase right now and it's
so fun to look at. 

Flowers from the hubby

Brownies instead of cake for Amy who turned 35.
Emerson always loves to help with the blowing out ceremony.

In two weeks we will party again for Wayne and Wes.