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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things #1

During the next couple of weeks I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things.


I had asked Wayne (as long as he was at the grocery store) to pick me up some cotton squares that I use to clean or to put toner on my face.  I am used to using the "all cotton"  squares that have lines across the front and are less than two inches square and cheap.  They are OK and do the job.  I have also used the round ones that don't say "all cotton" and they actually hurt when I used them.  When Wayne came home he had picked these up for me.  They are "all cotton" and are 2 3/4" square, textured on the front, have a double layer and are sewn around the edges so they don't fall apart when you use them.  I haven't looked but they are probably twice the price as the ones I generally use.  They are wonderful.  I can tone my face and neck and they don't fall apart. They are soft and I feel like I am using a spa worthy product.  I will ask him to pick them up for me again so I don't have to see the price.  I am cheap like that....having something in common with the little cotton squares.