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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gourmet Dinner Club for April 2011

Gourmet Dinner Group
April 25th, 2011

Doug and Julie Ahlstrom

Jamie and Dave Harper

Doug and Julie Ahlstrom hosted dinner group this month along with the help of their daughter Jamie and son-in-law Dave.  The theme this month was German food. Dave had served a mission in Germany so was willing to help out by cooking some authentic German fare. I have to admit that I have had little German food in my life, and the little I did have was not my favorite.  I have had German potato salad that was very vinegary and that I did not like,  sour kraut (which I did like) and brats which were so-so.  Well this dinner turned my taste buds around, and I have a new appreciation for it and hope to try more things in the future.

                                  These are  German dumplings called Kloesse.
          They are very large, not like the tiny dumplings your Grandma put in her soup.


Who knew that asparagus is a German staple.  I didn't, and I LOVE asparagus. 

This is thinly sliced beef layered with honey mustard, bacon and onions, then wrapped around a dill pickle.  It is called Roulladan.  Dave also said that Germans use gravy on lots of things, so he whipped some up to pour over these and the dumplings. These are really tasty.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm fruit goes with anything.

Paul and Susan Welton

These were puffs of Susan's home made bread dough stuffed with ground meat ( Paul used turkey)  with onions, cabbage, salt and LOTS of pepper. They are called Bierocks. I am a black pepper fan so they were just perfect for me. 

Jaymie and Jim Utley

Jaymie made the German potato salad.  It was nothing like the potato salad I had tried before that was so vinegary.  It was delicious with just a hint of sour and lots of bacon.  I am now a fan.

Wayne and I always work together as a team when we cook.  I am the prep cook and I chop, chop, chop and he does the actual cooking.
For this month we made Bratwursts on a bed of caramelized onions and peppers.
I am not a brat fan because they are always so greasy, but I boiled them first and then Wayne grilled them so that much of the fat was released.  If you are a fat fan, then don't boil first and you will love them.


                                             Scott and Lori Bennett


Last but certainly not least is the dessert made by Lori. They are apple Strudels, one with almonds and one without.  Lori also made the sauce to pour over it.  It was like liquid pudding and absolutely delicious.

We missed the Turner's this month so you won't get to see what color of hair she has this time.  Wink!