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Saturday, July 21, 2012

I have been thinking

I have been trying to stop and smell the roses more.  We had a lesson in R.S. about taking time for yourself.  Well, since I don't work outside the home that has not been a problem, but it's still good advise.  These are the things I have contemplated this month.

1.  Chicago has nothing on Lehi, UT this year.  We have had more wind this year than I can ever remember.

2.  Norwick cloths really do work as promised.  I used one for 2 weeks on my face before I had to wash it.  They contain silver and within 24 hours, all the bacteria has been killed.

3.  Ritz crackers with peanut butter and jelly is one of my favorite snacks.

4.  Looking at my computer photo files just make me happy.

5.  Don't wash your garden Crocs in the dishwasher.  Mine shrank 2 sizes.

6.  I have a new app on my computer where you drag one of your photos to the screen and it makes a jigsaw puzzle out of it.  It's fun to put it back together.

7.  I have decided that I love, love, love my  RevereWare pans, my Pyrex dishes,
Ziplock bags and paper cups.

8.  I learned also that your back can go out just loading the dishwasher.  Grrrrr

9.  Flies buzzing around my head when I am in bed almost drives me nuts.

10.  Babies smell so good and when you put them to your ear you can hear their little breaths and grunts.  Oh how I love that.

11.  I have decided I don't like perpetual calendars.  I never remember to change the blocks and the date is always wrong.  It's cute but I am unreliable.  Sorry Kee.