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Friday, October 08, 2010

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Wayne and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium while we were in California. I am truly fascinated by our sea creatures and I was not disappointed. There is a huge wall of glass where many sea creatures swim in a simulated ocean environment.  I was standing right next to the glass and this guy swam by and stopped right in front of me and just stayed there posing.  Of course I had to photograph him.  What a something.

I will have to google "fish" and see what this guy really is.

 The coral and fish were so colorful that you sometimes had to really look carefully  or you'd miss some of the creatures that seemed to be hiding, but in actuality were right in front of your face.

 It's feeding time.   The diver would hold out to food to each creature, even the sharks, and they would eat out of his hands.

 These jelly fish were so awesome.  Are they real? What strange creatures they are.

 Notice the many. many almost filament looking strings hanging from the body of this jelly fish. So very strange and awesome.

                                            Everyone love the turtles.

 The eels freak me out a bit because they are so snakelike.  The black striped ones are rather beautiful in design, but the tan spotted one is the kind only his mother could love.

 The sardines swim in massive schools and reflect the light looking making them look  like they are made of liquid silver.  One of their tanks was over your head and they just kept swimming in circles.

              Who doesn't love the penguins?  They are the clowns of the aquarium.

 Another coral and fish tank.  Notice the blue guy at the bottom.  Is he not the cutest thing ever?

There are life size whales hanging from the ceiling of the museum.  It gives you a better idea of the largeness of these creatures. This ones seems to be ready to eat Wayne.

Here you see the size of the killer whale. 

What a fun morning.