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Monday, August 22, 2011


Many things to me are absolutely wonderful.....people, music, movies, food etc.  Few things are perfect and I don't expect them to be. But last night I found perfection.  We picked fresh green beans from the garden.  They were young stringless Bluelake pole beans.

I like most veggies  raw, but not my green beans. I don't like them once they have been frozen either.  I have tried that time and time again and they just don't resemble a fresh green bean in any way.  I do like them canned, but for true perfection this is what you do.  You put them in a pressure cooker while they are still fresh.  Bring your cooker up to pressure, and cook exactly 3 minutes.  Top them with a little real butter, salt,  pepper and a tiny bit of Alpine seasoning. I had to close my eyes as I ate them to get the full effect.  I could eat a bushel at one sitting.  You need to get a pressure me, you do.  Thank you God for a lovely garden.