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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Musings Day 1 Bologna

Maybe I have had a little too much time to think this week but I will write down my observations.... posting them over the next few days.

1.  I really like bologna and lettuce sandwiches.  You can't find bologna like I had when I was a kid.  Mom used to buy it thick with the rind on.  She had to slice it and it was so good.  Today I get fat free chicken/turkey bologna or pork/beef bologna.  There really isn't much difference in the flavor now.  They are both probably full of things that aren't good for you (nitrates and salt) but it still tastes good and the fat free kind actually gets a B grade from nutrition sites.  I love eating my sandwich with a glass of milk.  They just go together so well.  The problem is, I only eat one slice a week or less and so it spoils before I finish it.  Emerson comes and sometimes helps me eat it.  I slice it like a pizza for him or carve it in waves.  He loves it too.  I just need to freeze all but a few slices when I buy it so it doesn't spoil.  Don't write and tell me it is full of pig snouts and chicken gizzards because I don't care.  I see nothing wrong with Pig snouts.  It is good protein.  I also love pork rinds and bacon.  My son-in-law Wes says the only thing better than pork, is more pork.  I have to agree. Not the more part, but the more varieties of pork.  Who doesn't like a BLT?

Saying that, I use Miracle Whip on my bologna sandwiches.  There are the Miracle Whip lovers and the mayo lovers and they all seem to like one or the other.  Why?  They are two different things.  I have to have Whip on my balogna and in my tuna sandwiches but I love mayo on others things.  Most times I mix the two and then you have a perfect flavor for egg salad.  Mayo is best on sandwiches from Subway and in fry sauce.  See, you don't have to choose one over the other.  You can have it moderation.