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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday, the girls and I went shopping in Park City to get the kiddles some summer clothes.
We hit all the stores at the outlet mall, Arby's and then visited Wes at his fire station in Park City. This is the third station that I have visited since he became a fireman. I'm not sure how many he has actually worked at, but they have all been very nice and included a work out room, clean big garages, separate sleep quarters and large kitchens.
This is the real fireman. Buff, handsome and ready to put out your house fire, save you from your own drug overdose, or rescue you from a ski lift.

Here he is with a FFA. Notice the excitement in his face as the engine lights flash.

These are the impostors. While Wes eats his dinner, the girls check out the equipment and trucks. With my bad knee, I can't even climb in. I would not be able to save you.

Here is Colett reclining in front of the engine. She may be able to show you where the hose is but don't count on her for a real rescue.

Colett dons the fireman gear and looks pretty tough, but it's all show.

Here is the next impostor. Emerson is sure he can turn on the sirens and lights and get the engine out of there, but unfortunately, he can't even reach the buttons.

He can, however, show you the way into the driver's seat.

Here is the biggest impostor of them all. Amy talking to dispatch? No she is ordering fries with that burger.

Wearing her hubby's gear she looks official, but she certainly couldn't jump into his boots and by the time she got to you your house would be in ashes.
No, we are happy as our real selves, but one dream can't one? We won't be sewing our super hero capes very soon.