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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Colett's Big Birthday

I was in the hospital 40 years ago today. I was worried about giving birth and how I could be a mother of two at only 20 years old. I had had a baby almost exactly 13 months earlier and was not sure I could handle another baby so soon. Then Colett was born and my heart melted. Now I had a little girl that would forever change my life for good. She was so sweet I couldn't even put her down, and she stayed on my lap for 5 years until her sister Amy was born and I needed the room for her. Shon may have gotten short changed, but he was such an easy going and sweet little tot that he didn't seem to mind. Colett Loraine turns 40 today. It seems just like yesterday sometimes.

Colett....we call her Lettie or Lett

with her babies Isabelle, Millie and Nick

with her hubby Matt

with her sister Amy

her last birthday in the 30's

getting the squeeze from Daddy Wayne

With her sister Amy and her

Getting ready for dessert

The beauty queen.... which she truly is

Happy 40th Birthday lovely Lett