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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Warning: Gross

I had been watching HGTV. A contractor said there was a tool at Lowe's for under $3.00 that everyone should have.  It is a flexible plastic strip with  barbs going up both sides.  He said you should poke it down your sinks and your tub drains every few months to clean out the hair.  There are about 3 small openings in each drain that the strip will fit into.  You are supposed to push it down the drain, wiggle it a little and pull up and it will bring up hair that you didn't even know you had down there.  My sinks were not plugged or even running slowly, but now and then an odor would come up through the bathroom sink.  I bought the tool, called "Zip It" and used it.  OH MY GOSH!!!!  It worked amazingly well as you will see.  Granted, I hadn't cleaned out my drain in 8 years but... gross as it is... I will never be without it again.



If you have short hair this might not happen to you, but I think if I hadn't done this soon, we might have had a real plug that even a Roto-Rooter snake might have a hard time pushing through.  Oh, and my tool was barely over $2.50.