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Monday, February 20, 2012

Musings Day 3 Family History

I have done  a little family history although my sister is the family historian.  She is amazing and has amassed a lot of names for her hubby.  I started doing it when I was 12 years old when I filled out my family group sheets and my history and life story up to that time.  I also did work on the census a couple of years ago for the LDS church but the program wasn't compatible with my computer so I had to give it up.  Now, I am going to take it up again. Hopefully with my new computer it will work once again.  I love digging into family history and seeing what other people find too.  I  watch the TV show "Who Do You Think You Are"  and am always fascinated.  I have a few life stories of my ancestors and they always move me. They help me to get an idea of who I am.  I am lucky enough to have great examples for good on all sides of my family.  I know there are some dark horses in there somewhere but I haven't come across them yet.  It will be fun if I do.  Or, maybe I'll wait and let my sister find it and just ride along on her coat tails.