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Friday, June 17, 2011

Let's Talk About the Weather

We have had the craziest weather (as have other parts of the country)  but since I live here, I will talk about here.  I lost two of my rose bushes, the big sturdy kind that Utah  is usually kind to.  Several of my other rose bushes have parts that died but made it through and  several of my neighbors lost roses too. I replaced two of them with the roses shown above.  I finally have 2 hibiscus coming up, but the third I am worried about.  My little Dr. Seuss tree is not looking good either.  Not only did we have the cold and wet Spring, but it fluctuates in temperature so often that the plants don't know what to do.  Now to top it all off, I just checked my cherry tree.  The birds are the thing I usually worry about, but there are a million teeny black bugs all over the leaves sucking out the life blood.  I hate chemicals but I hate bugs more, so I need to find a spray for those.  Wayne replanted the beans because some just didn't come up, but when he looked through the dirt, there were no bean seeds.  Maybe the birds really did have something to do with those.  It's almost summer and it sure feels like we got cheated out of a Spring.  Time goes too fast anyway, but it really seems like this one is going way too fast and soon I will be harvesting.  That is if anything comes to fruition.