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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Favorites #7


I love Costco's Kirkland spices, especially the vanilla.  I have gotten vanilla from Mexico before but I didn't like it that much.  I do like Watkins brand vanilla a lot but for the buck, you can't beat the flavor and price of Kirkland's pure vanilla.  (Obviously I have used it a lot and spilled on the label....Oops!)  I also love the cinnamon and just about any of the other spices.  I actually had a couple of other brands in front of me and did a taste test of several of them side by side and Kirkland won for me.  The Italian seasoning is very good and the balsamic vinegar is excellent.   You will also get about twice as much product for your money as the little bottles at the grocery store.  If you don't have a membership, go with someone who does and stock up.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Favorites #6

My facial moisturizer is Neutrogena's oil-free moisturizer. It won't clog pores, is hypoallergenic, alcohol and fragrance free, contains SPF 15 and is non-greasy.

The Vitamin E Skin Care Cream is "Fruit of the Earth" brand and can be found at Walmart at the back of the store.  Because it is so cheap and never advertised, it's not out front. It contains aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, collagen, elastin, gylcerin, and vitamin E among other things.  It is best on dry legs, feet and hands, bit  It is also good on your face in the really dry areas. 

Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream 4 oz Cream - Swanson Health Produ

Neutrogena - Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15

Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorites #5


I had used Windex and also copycat store brands with the color and smell of Windex for years. I have tried making my own window cleaner, used newspapers etc. and they are work pretty well, but about 13 years ago I found Sprayway Window cleaner at Costco and that is my go to cleaner now.  When it first came out I was intrigued by it's 50's style label. (A graphic of a lady wearing a dress and apron.)  Some of the cans still have that label,  but at Costco now, they changed it to this version. The product is the same and has been for 60 years. It has a clean, good smell, it comes out like a frothy, thinned down version of shaving cream so doesn't drip and cleans very well with few if any streaks. It does not contain ammonia so you can use it on porcelain, chrome and mirrors.   A can goes a long way and you can get a 3 pack at Costo but Target and other stores carry it too. It varies so much in price from place to place.  Target's is about $2.40 a can.  Some places charge almost $5.  Go figure.  It makes washing windows a little less painful.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Favorites #4


I love make-up.  I feel like an artist when I apply even if it's only a little, but I have to have just the right product especially Where mascara is concerned. I have tried sooooooooo many.
I need waterproof for church ( Did I mention I have a tendency to cry at tender things?) and regular for most other days.  I bought Avon's wash off waterproof.  It does a good job.  I bought a Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof and just don't like it's wimpy little brush or the way it coats the lash. Colett turned me onto Colossal Volume Express by Maybelline and I like it the best.  The sculpted brush gets all the lashes, even in the corner and it won't come off unless I use eye make-up remover.  My favorite regular mascara is also Colossal volume Express.  It has the same brush and doesn't dry out as quickly as some.  I have fairly long lashes but they are not really thick so it works to plump up the lashes a bit. I have tried Prescriptives, Avon, Revlon, Estee Lauder and others that haven't worked as well for me. I like the one called Falsies (also by Maybelline) and it works well but has the little wimpy brush that almost feels like it will break if you use it too often.  If I use the Colossal brush in the Falsies tube, then it works pretty well.  For me, I don't want the "almost can't tell it's there" mascara, or the mascara that thickens so much it looks like spider legs hanging from your eyes..ewww... but I like something that extends, thickens a  little and stays put until I take it off.  That's what Colossal does for me.  I just might mention that no matter what mascara I have, I take the brush and bend it into a arch before I use it.  It makes applying easier.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favorites #3

I don't have kinky, frizzy hair, but it does get really dry and fly-away at times.  I found myself constantly spraying my hair brush with Static Guard which didn't always work.  I found this product at Wal-Mart and thought I'd give it a try.  It is John Freida Frizz-Ease. The label says it is the "SECRET WEAPON", a  flawless finishing cream which instantly camouflages imperfections, leaves dull, dry hair shiny, soft and supple.  Use anywhere, anytime.  Quite a label huh?  It sucked me in.  You apply it to dry hair by putting a small amount in your palm and then rubbing it in your hairs, especially at the dry ends.  Guess what?  It works.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Favorites #2


Aleen's Tacky Glue.

I have used and liked all of her glues but this is may favorite.  It works on just about everything. If you leave it out for a while, some of the moisture evaporates and it becomes super tacky glue (which she also sells).  We have used it on frames, wood trim, toys, fabric, scrapbooks and cards, etc.  I had one bottle of her super tacky glue that came in a jar instead of a bottle and when that was gone, I poured the regular tacky glue into it so I that can use it with a craft stick if I need to.  It's much easier than trying to pour it out through the little pointed tip when more is needed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some of My Favorite Things #1

During the next couple of weeks I am going to tell you about some of my favorite things.


I had asked Wayne (as long as he was at the grocery store) to pick me up some cotton squares that I use to clean or to put toner on my face.  I am used to using the "all cotton"  squares that have lines across the front and are less than two inches square and cheap.  They are OK and do the job.  I have also used the round ones that don't say "all cotton" and they actually hurt when I used them.  When Wayne came home he had picked these up for me.  They are "all cotton" and are 2 3/4" square, textured on the front, have a double layer and are sewn around the edges so they don't fall apart when you use them.  I haven't looked but they are probably twice the price as the ones I generally use.  They are wonderful.  I can tone my face and neck and they don't fall apart. They are soft and I feel like I am using a spa worthy product.  I will ask him to pick them up for me again so I don't have to see the price.  I am cheap like that....having something in common with the little cotton squares. 

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

On this date 41 years ago, my son Shon was born. He was, (and is) one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and I love him dearly.  Happy birthday Shon. I still love those baby blue eyes!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beautiful Spring Day

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, no........
I looked out the window and what did I see,  Popcorn popping on the apricot tree, no.......
Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day,  Yea that one fits even if it doesn't look like spring.

So is this what Spring looks like these days?

My front door

The Deck

The Aspen trees

The Front of the house

The low clouds