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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh sole....oh mio

I know, I know, this is my third post about the soles of my shoes, but I am just fascinated by the whole thing.  These are my newest pair and just look at those flowers.  I still think about the sole artists and the process they use to pick out what the bottoms of shoes will look like.  I think I need to don all the pairs I have with cute soles, walk in paint and make prints.
Remember these posts? soles

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Last Vacation for 2012

I didn't post for a few months so I am just going to catch up.  These are the vacation photos from our trip to southern Utah and Las Vegas.
We decided that since we have lived in Utah for almost 11 years and have never made the trek to Southern Utah, it was about time we did. On October 14th we packed up and drove to Zion National Park.  It's only 4 hours away.  Why haven't we done this before?  I was going to call my niece Jem who lives there when we got to Mesquite  but soon realized I did not have her phone numbers or her address.  It was 2:00 in the afternoon so I am sure nobody was home anyway, but I couldn't even leave a message.  Sorry time.  We stopped at a casino which was beautiful on the outside with palm trees and beautiful fountains, but we had to walk through the smokey casino to get to the restroom and boy did  that walk stink.  We grabbed an ice cream cone and got the heck out of there. 

We next drove to Cedar City to see where my neighbor Brenden goes to college and then on to Saint George where we toured the Brigham Young winter home.  I loved seeing this old home and the yard.  Brigham Young liked things to look beautiful even if they were made of inexpensive wood so he had craftsmen paint the pine in the home to look like oak and marble.

Brigham was hoping the Saints could be self sufficient by planting mulberry trees.  They had silk worms that ate the leaves of this tree and they did produce silk but it became too expensive to continue.  The tree split in half many years ago and a tree surgeon put a brace in it and said it would only live a few more years but that was 40 years ago.
They also planted cotton but it was too labor intensive and they could buy cotton on the open market at a cheaper price so this too was ended.  They do still plant cotton at the home so the tourists can see what it looks like.

 On to Zion National Park to spend the night.  we got a motel right in the park.  The shuttle bus picks you up right at the motel and drives you to all the spots you want tot go.  You can walk it or get back on the bus every few minutes.  I never got tired of the red rocks and majestic mountains.
The Virgin River runs right at the end of the walking path.  If you want to walk further, you have to wade the river.  We stopped right here but many did not.  The water was a little too dirty for me.

As we were walking along the path, this guy walked right in front of us.  For some reason I was not afraid and just took photos. Wayne was obviously not afraid either.   My camera's lens was set to the wrong setting so the photos are blurry, but you get the idea, and you can see it's size.

This was the lodge we stayed in, and our room (which was at the back of the lodge), had a little deck that was right next to the mountain behind. It was quiet and peaceful and serene.
 They are very concerned about keeping the park litter free and the environment green so the rooms had a recycle bin as well as a trash can.

The style was rustic but classy Craftsman style and was very nice.

It was fun to see plants that seemed to sprout right out of the rocks.
I love the look of old fences and natural growth.
On our hike out we came across this thing.  We didn't know what it was.  It was very long and crawled like an ant but had the butt of a bee.  It scared me more than the tarantula.  It was probably about 2 " long.
This deer must be so used to people that it didn't even look up  when we passed.
Now this is a mystery.  On the way out I snapped this photo.  I is a tree covered with tennis shoes.
And of course, I couldn't pass up this photo of a field with dozens of ostriches.
Now on to Las Vegas!

Monday, February 04, 2013

A wonderful Day

Yesterday was a wonderful day.  My meetings at church were uplifting.  Hearing little children bearing their testimonies that they know that God is real and how he takes care of us was so touching.  Learning the lesson in Sunday School was great too but my favorite was Relief Society.  Our President, Carey Anderson, talked about hearts since it is Valentine's month.  Her son was born with a heart defect and she talked about his diagnosis, surgery and recovery.  She pointed out that our hearts beat 100,000 times each day, 36,500,000 times a year.  What other machine can do that for 80 or so years and rarely need tune ups?

In my case it has beaten.......well, I'm not even going to do the math. The heart is where we feel emotions like love, fear, grief and pain and that  is where we feel the holy ghost.  She talked about how God loves a broken heart (and contrite spirit).  Things that are broken are loved by God such as the ground as you plant a seed.  How a seed needs to break open to sprout and how after the plant grows, we need to break open the wheat to make flour.  Our hearts need to be open to learn and feel.

I was thinking about last year when I started have heart palpitations.  They were so bad one night I was thinking I was having a heart attack and Wayne took me to the hospital.  They strapped the monitors on me and ran lots of tests.  They called my problem PVC's.  (I remember it because that is what Wayne uses to pipe the sprinkler system).  Not the same, but anyway.....they were so bad at times that they took my breath away every few seconds.  The Doc said they were bad but that they were not dangerous.  He still sent me to the cardiologist to have a second opinion.  He was right.  There was no known cause  for them and they are not dangerous. They lasted for many weeks though and stress could make them worse as could cherry coke.  I got used to them just as they went away.  I get them now and then but not like they were before.  It made me think about my heart and what a great machine it is.  I think about my family history of heart disease and it scares me some.  Dad had a quad by-pass, my brother had 2 heart attacks and they were both thin and active.  My Grandma Marchant died in her sleep one night of heart failure at about my age, my uncle died of heart failure at a relatively young age too.

I know this magnificent machine in my chest needs a better work out than it's been getting and that I need to lose weight to make it healthier so I am finally making a New Year's resolution.  I am going to get in better shape.  It is hard with a leg that doesn't work right and a head tumor and medicine that make it very hard to lose weight but I know I can do better.  I love my heart.  It deserves better.

If you are reading this you probably know me and I love your hearts too.  Happy Valentine's Day early.