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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Chow..I mean Ciao Baby

Wayne and I belong to a little gourmet cooking group with some friends. (Six Couples) The idea is to pick a theme for the food each month and then make foods for a dinner that reflect that theme. We are to try new things that we may not always try and use recipes that we may not ordinarily use...thus the gourmet designation. July's theme was Italian and was hosted by Paul and Susan. Warning: Don't read this in the middle of the morning or in the early afternoon because you will begin to drool. Come back and read after you have eaten dinner. We only had four couples in July because two couples couldn't make it , so this is for them to read and wish that they had been there. It was a truly delicious meal and I am excited for the next one. I have to say that there are at least 5 gourmet cooks in the group. (I am not one of them) but Wayne "IS" and so are Lori, Paul, Rick and Laura. The others may be also, but I will have to continue to go to the dinners until I find out for sure. I am the sous chef at my house and I like it just fine that way.

Paul and Susan

Joan and Wayne

Laura and Rick

Doug and Julie

Here is the Pesto Pasta that Paul made. It contained pine nuts, raisins, tomatoes, basil, garlic, Italian seasonings and cheese among other things. I had never had raisins in a pasta meal before and it was really good. They gave just a hint of sweetness that complimented the pungent flavor of the pine nuts and pesto.

Delicious Paul!!

Grilled zucchini and green beans with garlic, lemon juice, asiago cheese, spices and then wrapped with prosciutto and chives. Pretty huh? Good job Wayne (and Joan)

Wonderful Italian green salad with all the
yummy veggies and olives. Thank you Doug and Julie.

Paul made the appetizers----- this Brochette was made with fresh basil, garlic and tomatoes
but the ingredients were atop Susan's homemade bread. Mmmmmmm

Garlic/cheese bread made from Susan's bread again

Paul also produced these dried apricots stuffed with goat cheese. Now I have to say there are very few foods I don't like, but goat cheese is one of them. My Grandma used to try to pass off goat's milk for dinner at her home. She wouldn't tell me it wasn't cow's milk but I could always tell. There are some goat cheeses that I can handle, so I did give them a try. Not bad Paul, however, I will stick to the old moo machine for most all of my dairy delights.
Last but certainly not least was dessert prepared by Rick. He makes the best creme brulee' in the world. There is not a picture of it. Why? That is because I took pictures at the beginning of the meal and when dessert came around we just woofed it down before I could even get a shot.
Believe me, you would really have drooled at this conclusion. What a great group of friends and what a great meal.
I found out we will be missing the next one this week. We are headed to Denver for a wedding reception. Someone take pictures and rub in our faces this month will you?