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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grandparents Day 2012

Every Year for the last few years I have been invited to Grandparents Day at my Yarro grand children's school.  I really love being with them, getting to see their school and getting to meet their teachers.  I also get to see what they are accomplishing during the school year.  This year was a little different for me as Nick is in junior high so I didn't get to be with him this year.  I missed that.  Dang, those kids grow up fast.

My two really cute and wonderful grand daughters showed me around, shared their  time with me and served me doughnuts.  The girls had to fill out a sheet with questions about me that they did not know, such as my first job... which was working at a canning factory.  When the peas rolled down the conveyor belt we had to pick off the weeds
 and grasshopper heads, and when the cans got stuck I had to poke them with a stick to get them rolling again. Another thing we did was fill out an acrostic puzzle using the
word GRANDPARENTS.  Isabelle wrote G is for great, R is for radical, A is for awesome, N is for nice, P is for perfect, A is for artist, R is for ruff (the sound my dog makes) E is for elegant, N is for nutty (describing Wayne), T is for talented and S is for stupendous.  Now who could not love a girl like that?

We also drew the outlines of our hands, mine first and theirs on top of mine.  We added fingernails and a ring to make it cuter. Then they were told to write a letter to me.  Isabelle wrote:  Dear Joan, (not Grandma) You are the best grandma ever. I like having sleepovers with you.  I love having dinner with you on Sundays.
You and grandpa make the best dinners ever.  Love always, Isabelle.  Then she drew a happy face with sparkling teeth.  Millie took her papers home so I didn't have them here to copy but hers were just as sweet.

Isabelle and Me

Is there anything better than being a grandparent? I can't think of anything.  Maybe I will get to go with Emerson when he gets older.  I miss my Montana grand kids and have to ask Kee what is going on at their schools when we talk.  I hate being so far away from them.

Millie and me

Sweet Millie Moo

The Yarro sisters
                                          Isabelle is age 11 and Millie is  7

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Baby Animals

One of the things I like about Spring so much is the baby animals you see everywhere.  The calves are darling, the new lambs are adorable.  The baby birds ( although not so    cute when they are just born) are wonderful when they are learning to fly.  The other day Wayne and I were driving down 1200 W. and we saw a miniature mother and baby donkey.  Oh my goodness....I asked Wayne to turn around and go back.  I had to see them up close and get some pictures.  The sun was shining from behind and I had to use a phone camera so the photos are not great but I did get a couple anyway.  Now that's a cute baby.  One that a mother and everyone else can love.  Later, Amy told me that the place is called Half Ass Acres for a reason.  Cute!  I have said before that I want a pasture with a miniature goat, a mini donkey, and a llama.  This confirmed my wants.  I know it will never happen, but I can dream.