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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fashion Trends

When I was younger (and much thinner) I followed the fashion trends every year and picked  up several things that went along with that trend .  It was fun, revved up the wardrobe, and with careful shopping, it didn't cost much.  I like to look nice but really don't care much for the trends anymore.  if I like it I'll wear it and if I don't, I won't.  However,  I have been going over the Internet sites and stores lately to see just what are the trends for 2011/2012.  Some are fun and some are really ugly.  The trend for Spring is cropped tops again.  OH HOW I HATE THOSE.  I couldn't wait until Brittney Spears fell from the spotlight because I was so tired of looking at muffin tops and belly buttons.  Not only that, but 99% of the tummys that were bare shouldn't have been. Here is what Internet and TV shows say are the new trends for the year.

1.  Anything with a 60's style to it.  I lived through that once and the styles weren't all that cute except for maybe a couple of things.  I didn't like the psychedelic colors but the brighter colors I did like.
2.  Coats and sweaters with fur trim.  I had that and liked it about 30 years ago. Remember Sony Bono's vests?  I didn't like those, but my coat was pretty darn cute.
3.  Boots, boots and more boots.  Did that too and have some now. LIKE!
4.  Dolmen sleeves on blouses.  Didn't have that and still won't.  They are fine on other people, but on thank you. I look like Humpty Dumpty.
5.  Ponchos.  Been there, done that.  I do like them though.
6.  Scarves, pencil skirts and strappy shoes are still trendy.  I like them all.
7.  Animal prints are still big.  I like some of them but don't own any.
8.  Bright colored pants are really big this year.  I don't own any but I do like them.  Hot pink, yellow, bright blue, and red can be seen everywhere. I don't own any and probably won't.  I did wear them in the 70's and loved them then.
9.  Everything with polka dots. Now I can get on this trend.  I love polka dots and have 2 sweaters with them.  I will be happy to buy more.
10.  Long skirts are back, especially peasant skirts.  I always like them...still have a couple.
11.  Trench coats and parkas.  Like them both.
12.  Color blocking..such as .wearing a red shirt with a gold skirt and a purple sweater.....all solids.  It's OK.
13.  Things that lace up such as shoes, corsets, dresses and belts.  Hmmmm
14.  Layering clothes in earth tone.  I can do that.
15.  Wedge shoes are still in style.  I like them and they work on my poor broken foot.  I can't wear high heels.
16.  Shiny fabrics such as satin, etc.  Wear it on top or bottom.  I leave that to the young.
17.  Big has been around a while and I like some of it but only own one chunky necklace.
18.  Giant bright and gawdy prints.  No thanks.
19.  Jeans with holes all over them.  No thanks again.  Hope this trend ends soon. They will be even worse when worn with a cropped shirt.  I especially don't think they are cute on anyone over 30.
20., love, love.