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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Our house must be in the direct path of the air balloon routes.  This happens fairly regularly.  You can get the perspective of how close this balloon was to the house by looking in the upper right hand corner of the photo and you will see the edge of our roof with the Christmas lights up.  Wayne had arranged for us to go in one of those for our anniversary a couple of years ago but the weather turned bad and we didn't get to go.  It is still on my bucket list.

This is a photo as they flew over my head.  LOVE IT!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Isabelle's Birthday

My beautiful, smart and sweet grand daughter turned 11 in December and of course we had to have a party.  She is 11 in 2011, 12 in 2012 etc.  That's an easy way to remember how old she is. 

Her Mama makes the cutest cakes

Where teens are concerned, you just have to grab and kiss or you will never get affection.  Colett manages to do this often and I have to admit I have been known to do the same.  When the grandkids come over, I won't let them by me until I have gotten a hug.   Nick looks pretty OK with it though. Can I say I love this picture?

I even get a smile and a hug.

Make a wish Isabelle.  At 11, I hope it is an easy one.

                                      Happy birthday you amazing young woman.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yarro Christmas

My daughter and her family didn't get out their Chrsitmas cards this year but this is the picture.  Aren't they the cutest family?  I'm posting it so Wayne and all our extended families can see it. 

                                       Matt, Isabelle, Millie, Colett and Nick

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's a new Year

OK, 2011, good by and shut the door behind you.  I had some fun times with you last year but I am looking at 2012 with a little more hope than I found in you.

Good:     We had 3 trips to Wyoming that were very fun.  I got to see my parents and siblings and some beautiful scenery.  We traveled all over Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.  We saw Yellowstone Park, Teton Park, the Bighorn Mountains and everything in between.  I also got to be in the car with Wayne,  Colett and Millie and visit with them for hours which we usually don't get.  I got to fish and actually caught some, I got to see my old friends and stay at their homes which I loved.

My friend from Florida, whom I hadn't seen in years, came for a visit.

Alex got better after being ill for several years.  His surgery was very successful and he can eat like a normal kid again.

Shon got a promotion and new job as well as a lateral move to Hamilton, MT.  He loves his work.

We revamped the garden into a cute box garden and we like to work together in the

Ned and kate are living with Mom and Dad so can help them in many ways and in turn Mom and Dad have been a good example to them and have helped them get their lives in order.

We got a new HDTV

We have a new grand baby on the way.

Matt got his first cost of living raise in years.

Bad : Amy was pregnant earlier in the year but lost her baby and Wes ended up having to deliver it.  It was traumatic, sad and hard to take especially since she was extremely sick for so long and then had no baby to love.

Wayne had a stent put in, and 6 months later found out he may need another one. He had chest pains and was hospitalized but came home and was directed to see a  cardiologist again.

I had several medical problems including chronic heart palpitations where I went to the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack (but it ended up OK), I had a cold that turned into a sinus infection that turned into an infected tonsil and neck gland that turned into bronchitis that lasted 2 1/2 months.  Added to that was a breast mammo, then ultrasound and then a 3 point biopsy where the doctor thought I might have breast cancer.  It turned out to be a bad abscessed infection that nobody told me about and did not get treatment for until I changed doctors and started treatment after3 months of pain.  It has yet to be healed.
The doctors can't seem to get my pituitary tumor regulated so I have been off and on my medicine which causes me weight problems, hair loss, eye problems and hormone problems.

The slow economy finally caught up to Wayne's business and the money is slower to trickle in.

Several friends and family members have had serious family problems which break my heart and I am helpless to help in any way.

Mom has not been doing well this year with several health problems and it saddens her that she's not mobile, can't see well and can't hear well any longer. 

SO, my wish for this year is better health and healing options for all of us,  a healthy new baby girl in June, lots of commission checks,  healing of families, lots of love, Shon's house selling so the family can join him,  more hair, less weight and  our health problems at a minimum.  When I go over our blessings, they still outweigh the negatives so I won't complain much.  Hello 2012, I'll be watching you.