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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Still on Vacation

Colett, Matt and kids joined us in Wyoming for a couple of days.  We stopped in Cowley (not nearly long enough for me) to see my parents and other family and then we headed to the most wonderful mountains in the world....the Big Horn Mountains.  There are wonderful camp spots, fishing spots and scenic spots.  Here are some photos for proof.

Wes, Emerson (4), Amy and Era (6 weeks) standing in from of a place called Boyd Ridge.  You can go right to the edge and look down.  I was a little nervous with all the kids but they had a rock throwing contest to see who could land a rock inside a broken out tree down below.  Colett was the winner.  She did it.

                                 Matt, Colett, Nick (15) Isabelle (11) Millie (8)

This was Nick's first time here.  Uncle Wes was a bad influence and kept going very close to  the edge.  Nick tried, but his mother threatened to ground him for life so he backed off.

                                                         Matt and Colett


Just look at that view behind all of us.  It's incredible.  Wayne wants his ashes thrown off here when he dies, but if I'm alive that probably won't happen.


I'm not afraid of heights, but I am afraid of danger so I wouldn't let Wayne get near the edge either.  I have had bad dreams about falling off places like this.  This is not a tourist pull off.  This is just a place that Wayne knew of on top of the mountain that has a spectacular view. 

Cute little Millie Moo

Kings of the Hill

Nick trying out his climbing skills

This is a crevice that is only about 18across but very, very deep.  We threw rocks down it and you could hear the rocks hit many times before it hit bottom.  Scary!  What if it was dusk and we didn't see it before we stepped?

Wes and Emerson at Echo Rock

Baby Era was as good as a 6 week old could be, but all in all, it was not a great vactation for a tiny baby.  It was too cold, too dirty, and there was too little sleep for
her parents.

The Yarro clan after 2 days without combs or showers.

As we stood on echo rock and yelled, there was a large herd of cows down below.  The echoes bounced back and forth around them and they freaked out and started a stampede and ran and ran.....all except for one.  You can see it on the left next to a patch of trees.  He started to moo and look around for someone to charge at.  you could tell he was getting more and more annoyed.  He must have been the cow boss and the cow protector, kind of the super hero of cows.  He stayed until we were done.

The ride back to Utah

We all felt like this.
Can't wait to do it again.