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Monday, January 28, 2013

My thoughts

Last week I had a lot of time to muse.  It was so cold outside and so snowy that I just wanted to hibernate.  When my mind wanders I have a few a-ha moments.

1.  When I am cruising on the Internet and I find a site or an article that I just love, I look for the "pin" button so I can pin it to my Pinterest Board, but when there is not one, I get a little irritated.
2.  I am so glad I got my flu shot.  I have been hearing of people who got the flu and after many weeks of trying to cope,  are just exhausted, have missed work and passed it on to the rest of the family.  I get mine free and I get it every year.  One tiny pin prick that I can hardly feel is really worth it.
3.  I know in my heart that I will never win the lottery or the Publisher Clearing House
contest, yet I still daydream of what I would do with my millions or my $5,000 a week and how many of you would also be blessed if I won.
4.  Every time I see those "As Seen On TV" ads, I want to buy everything and try it.  They make it seems like your life would be much easier if you just had all their gadgets, yet I never buy any.
5.  I don't get depressed, but when we have our horrible Utah inversions and I can't see the mountains for weeks,  it does make me stay in and organize my drawers, my paper files, and to take old stuff to DI, read many books, and want to rearrange my furniture, and get new stuff.   And I do this.
6.  I keep cutting out magazine pages, pinning to Pinterest and looking in furniture stores, but still don't have an exact idea of what my decorating style is. I do like parts of traditional, parts of country, parts of transitional, parts of French Farm House, parts of almost every style except ultra modern.  I have antiques, shabby chic, modern, and transitional things in my house and even have a couple of modern bathroom rugs.  I guess I am just very eclectic and try to color coordinate things so they look like they go together.  I could probably never have a decorator do my house.  My visiting teacher always says it feels so warm and cozy when she comes so I guess that's OK.
7.  I celebrated my birthday for a week.  I signed up for free dinners at a lot of restaurants online and so far we had a free dinner at Noodles and Company,  had a free Blizzard, had a free dinner at Rodizio's Grill, and had more coupons for Red Robin, Smoothies, Arby's, Chilis, Famous Dave's BBQ, Cold Stone Ice Cream and a few others.  I won't be using them all of course but there is one for Carrabba's that I will definitely be using next month. 
8.  I am going to try harder to write to the missionaries from our ward.  I know mail is a big deal to them and I am trying to read my scriptures and Relief Society lessons every week.
9.  I just looked out the window and the sun is shining and I can see the mountains.  Hip-hip-hooray.  I won't do anything differently though, except maybe try to get my ironing done and to eat some chocolate.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I haven't blogged for a few months.  My life got so busy. We were traveling a lot and this just seemed the thing to give up, but I want to get back to is a new year and although I don't make resolutions, I still have a couple of goals I want to reach. One of them is to not let go of blogging completely because that is my journal.  My memory is not good enough to "not" write down things that happen in my life.  I can't catch up the last few months (because I didn't write it down and can't remember it, ha) but I will still put in photos of a few things and then go from there. 

Today just happens to be my birthday.  It doesn't hurt like 60 did.  In fact I plan to enjoy it completely.  My goal is to do nothing but read, play on the computer, eat some chocolate and later go for dinner at Carraba's for scallops.  Mom and Dad called early this morning and sang to me.  I consider it such a blessing that they are both still here and that they can still sing to me and tell me that they love me. Susan Welton dropped by with a wonderful little book for me  titled " The Beginning of Better Days" that I can't wait to get to.  I also had lunch with the ladies this week.  I had a Cafe Rio salad and Susan W.  had gotten a chocolate pastry with a candle on it to share.  How cute is that?  Tricia got me some good smelly stuff and a set of 2 lb. barbells.  Susan Welton, Laura Turner, Tricia Garside and I get together for all of our birthdays.  We worked together in the Relief Society Presidency years ago.  It's amazing how friendships are born, broadened and continue when you work together closely and I just love these women so much.

My son Shon is supposed to have surgery this morning.  He has Diverticulitis that has worsened and my prayer is that is is OK and everything goes well.  That would make it a better birthday.