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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Montana Visit

While we were on vacation in July, Wayne, Amy, Wes, Emerson and I went to Montana for the day. It was a quick trip to see Shon and family, and while the guys did their thing, the girls went shopping. We were only there long enough to eat lunch, shop and then eat dinner. No time to visit our friends this time, but we still love you.

What does he have to do with our trip?

We love to eat at the original Fudruckker's in Billings and as we ate, this little guy came to visit.
I knew at a glance it was Don King's duck. Yes, it's another duck photo. I try to get one on each vacation.
Our favorite store in Billings is Granny's Attic. I took this picture of Amy so I could get the sign and a few of the items in the photo. As I was taking the photo, the clerk said "let me take a photo of both of you". He asked me to put on a hat and for Amy hold up an antique hankie.

Pretty cheesy, but we complied.
We bought some small things, but we had little room in the car and nothing really jumped out this trip to say YOU NEED ME. Yes, sometimes that happens.