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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Pinterest and Instagram have kind of taken over my blog time and posts lately. But since a lot is happening that I want to keep track of, I am going to blog again. It's fitting that the wallpaper background is just right for this time of year again.  I won't have to change it.

We are building a home in Cowley , Wyoming.  It is a semi-Craftsman style but more eclectic.  I didn't want to get caught in the "have to decorate" in this style but I like the componants of Crafstman.  It will be about 3000 square feet, all on one level except for the storage and extra room above.  As I age, I think of all the things I want for a house in the future, such as all drawers in the kitchen so I won't have to bend down or do a headstand to find my pots and pans.  The doors are wide as are the halls in case one of us needs a wheel chair in the future.  There are only 2 steps to get up into the house and no basement so I don't have to do stairs.  We will be living right next door to my Mom and Dad so I can keep an eye on them as they are both 85 and may need a little help sooner or later.

The outside will be Hardie plank for very low maintanence, and most will be already prepainted.  The shingles have a 25 year warranty.  Wyoming has low property taxes, and right next door is Montana which has no sales tax so we can save a lot on a retirement salary.  The only thing that puts a fly in the ointment is that I don't want to live there full time.  It gets cold in Cowley....really cold at times.  -30 is typical and sometimes a little lower.  Here it is +36 so there is a big difference.  We will live in the house we are in until the Cowley house is finished and then probably sell the one we are in and get a smaller house near the Utah kids and Grandkids.  Who knows, Shon and his family might get a transfer here too some day.

Here are a few photos of the house getting built.

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