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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring and Easter Camera Dump May 2013

Emerson with the Olympic Champion wrestler Rulon Gardner
Lissie the lovely young steam punker/writer/actress and Joey the snow boarder/rugby player
 Isabelle the cheerleader, Millie the little perfect Mommy in training and Nick the track dude.
 Wes the fireman, and Emerson the totally awesome little boy.
 Amy the supermom and Era the princess (whoops) not allowed to call her that because she might come to believe it.  Era the precious.
Matt the super computer guy and Colett the artist
                                       The three little maidens who stole my heart.

Me, with allergies that swell my eyes shut and my one and only Wayne.
The three musketeras, but just as fierce.


Susan said...

You have a beautiful family and you and Wayne look great. I miss your blog!

Susan said...
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